Campaign, more than anything


"DDB Group Asia Pacific"が週明けにリリースした"The Idea Catchers”。広告業界史に燦然と輝く30のケースタディを背景に彼らが主張していることは、クリエイティビティの扱いに対する怒りだ。"クリエーターは普段から観察を繰り返し、思考し、注意深くアイデアを練り上げて言っている"..."業界は大きな危機に直面している。その脅威とはクリエイティビティのコモディティ化であり、文房具を買うが如くアイデアを買う"ような姿勢が散見されるとのこと。


Creativity is the most powerful force in business.

What value should we put on our ideas?
Ideas that entertain, that convince, that last.
And those who think of them?
How do we value those people? Who think best in the shower? Who can recount a movie they watched when they were seven, or read comics at 34.
Who will study people as they wait to board their plane, and scour every page of the inflight magazine.
Who endlessly daydream. Living on alien planets, in other people’s shoes.
The Idea Catchers.
Those that bring their life and dreams into their work.
Taking experiences they had as a child, or as a parent, or haven’t yet had.
Sharing slices of life with that blank piece of paper that stares up at them every day.
The timesheet its partner in crime.
A great idea can do the job of ten, or twelve.
It could be one insight, one piece of wisdom spoken by an Indian wood carver, when asked, “How do you make the elephant so lifelike?”
“I just cut away the bit that doesn’t look like an elephant.”
It’s that. Insights. Experiences. And that comes at a price we shouldn’t give away.
Creativity takes time. The best solution is never the first one, the obvious one. But the beautiful ones, they just look that way in hindsight.
We are not machines that churn out five-minute headlines on top of Getty stock. It’s about life experiences resulting in an idea you’d never have thought of, yet totally wished they had.
(via Limelight)